Pink Ceramic Christmas Tree 19 inches

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  • Pink Ceramic Christmas Tree 19 inch with Music Box
  • Pink Ceramic Christmas Tree 19 inch with Music Box
  • Pink Ceramic Christmas Tree 19 inch with Music Box
  • Pink Ceramic Christmas Tree 19 inch with Music Box


A gentle reminder of strength and courage. A celebration of life. A beacon of light and love in a dark time. Or simply because you love the color pink.

All pink Ceramic Christmas Tree with matching pink base and over 50 white lights to shine for your holidays! Entirely handcrafted from start to finish in the USA. This classic lighted ceramic tree is a high quality, brand new tree made from a vintage mold,

Your tree is made to order and no two trees we make are exactly alike. 

This tree has the lights glued in, we do not have any trees with the lights not glued in.

>> We are going out of business after 12 amazing years. We have stopped production and these are among the last pieces we will ever make. <<

This beautiful 19" tree* is brush glazed in a pink running glaze with a glossy finish which gives it the variations in color; the matching base is adorned with holly leaves. There are two separate pieces - the tree is placed on the base easily.

The base is hand wired with a permanent light fixture. There is a dial-style switch on the cord so you can leave it plugged in and switch your tree on whenever you want. The 40 watt candelabra-type bulb is included.

The star on top is removable and inter-changeable. Sold with the white/clear star pictured.

Since this tree is made by hand with premium materials, it will last for many, many years and can be handed down in your family. It will not fade, wear or show age.


Tree is approximately 13.5 inches tall and 12 inches wide.
Base is 2.75 inches tall and star is approx 3 inches.
Cord with inline toggle switch is 6 feet in length extending from the base.
Total standing height is approximately 19 inches.

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