Care Instructions and FAQ

Easy Maintanence and Care Instructions~
Caring for your Ceramic Christmas Tree is easy! 

Cleaning:  Use a feather duster for light cleaning.  Use warm water and a soft cloth to keep surfaces clean and free from dust or dirt.  Avoid excessive moisture, and do not immerse the base with light fixture in water.  If your tree gets wet while cleaning and the glue softens, the lights may become loose.  Simply leave lights in place to reset the glue, or apply a small amount of Elmer's Glue to the light stem and rest into the hole.

Loose lights on tree:  If the lights in your tree get loose just apply a little Elmer's Glue to the stem of the light/near the hole.  Elmer's will set in about a half hour and dries clear.  Never use any toxic or permanent glue since the tree will warm slightly with the light fixture on, and you also do not want to harm the finish on your tree.

Use the proper watt light bulbs: Our miniature 7" trees use 7.5 watt night light bulbs; our 11" trees use a candleabra style 15 watt light bulb; our 16" trees use a candleabra style 25 watt bulb; our 19" trees use a standard sized base, tall 40 watt light bulb. 

Light Bulb inside tree (on base) will not light:  Do the following checks --

  1. DO NOT REMOVE OR DISASSEMBLE THE LIGHT FIXTURE.  Do not throw away the protective cardboard sleeve (11" and 16" trees). Your tree has very simple wiring and it is almost impossible for anything to go wrong with the light socket itself if not tampered with or damaged.  Disassembling the light fixture on the base is done AT YOUR OWN RISK.  If you have tried all of the remedies that follow and still have trouble, please contact us for further assistance.
  2. Check the dial switch located on the cord to make sure it is on the "on" position.  
  3. UNPLUG your tree from the outlet.  Check the light bulb to see if it needs to be replaced (you will be able to see that the wires inside the bulb are broken or if you shake the bulb, it might rattle).  You should be able to find replacement bulbs at your local hardware store or Home Depot, Lowes, etc., if not contact us.
  4. UNPLUG your tree from the outlet.  Check the cord to make sure there are no breaks, frays, or cuts.  If the cord needs to be replaced, please contact a local electrician or contact us to make arrangements for repair.