Detailed Holly Extra Large Ceramic Christmas Tree Base

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Detailed holly, extra large, ceramic Christmas Tree base. Looking to add an additional base for variety or simply replace a lost or broken base for your existing tree? Handmade in the USA.

EXTRA LARGE BASE measures 4" tall and 8 5/8" wide. This base fits our 18" trees and trees that have an opening in the bottom of between 3 5/8" to 5"diameter. The 40 watt bulb is included.

All bases are hard wired with a permanent light fixture. There is a dial-style switch on the 6 ft cord, so you can leave it plugged in and switch your tree on whenever you want.

>> We are closing after 12 amazing years. We have stopped production and these are the among the last pieces we will ever make. <<

Please measure the diameter of the hole on the bottom of your tree carefully!

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